JoJolion 60

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Ok, Jojolion’s back. Check it out.
There were some announcements with ads you might’ve seen online. There’re bunkobans of Steel Ball Run coming out, a new smart phone game called Diamond Records coming out next year, Volume 14’s coming out today I think, and they said more stuff will come out for the 30th anniversary in 2017. Though technically the first chapter of Jojo ran in Jump something like December 6th 1986, but the first volume didn’t come out until 1987, so it’s really PAST the 30th anniversary already. But I think the idea is 2017 is Jojo’s 30th 12-month calendar year so they’re celebrating the 30th anniversary all through next year. Plus there’s the live action movie coming out and all that. Also Jump Ryu, a little behind-the-scenes magazine/DVD about Araki and Jojo is coming out on the 31st if anyone wants to check that out. So there’ll probably be some cool stuff soon coming down the pipes.

JoJolion 60
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