Toriko 105-106 Release

Ook, there we are all done. For details on why these were so late, see the previous post. There’s no Jump this week so we’ll be working on catching up with Gintama a little more. I think we’ve got some pretty good people to help clean. If anyone else wants to join to help with that (or even Inumaru Dashi) feel free to apply. We may start other series but they would only be done using volume scans, we (especially me) can’t handle the workload of any more weekly series, but there’s still plenty out there we can do


Toriko 105:
Direct Download

Toriko 106:
Direct Download

19 thoughts on “Toriko 105-106 Release

  1. Thanks for the double release guys!

    Don’t you love that the creator of Toriko never dwells on an arc for too long?

    Anyway, double thanks. And good luck with Gintama!

  2. As always, thanks for the release. Also, you would be my hero(es) for doing Inumaru Dashi. I love seeing less popular series (at least, over here) getting some spotlight.

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