12 thoughts on “Toriko 171 Release

  1. Thanks for doing a fantastic job, yet again. This is a great series and you guys do it complete justice in the quality of your work. Please keep it up, if it’s possible.

  2. thanks, this is maybe the best manga atm
    of the many series I read, I look forward to Toriko the most. Even more than One Piece or Yotsuba&!

  3. Thanks for the new chapter guys!

    Wow, things are really getting real. I have a theory that Colonel Makkoi was the one impersonating the the Jidar King, but I can’t type it up atm. Nevertheless, Joa looks great and is sure to play some major in the future, and looks like we get to see Ichiryuu and Midora’s meeting after all!

    Thanks again Hiwamatanoboru!!

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