17 thoughts on “Gintama 388 Release

  1. Thanks a lot for the chapter you guys!
    I’m way behind catching up with Gintama and Toriko,but it feels great to know that you’re not dropping them like Mangastream!

  2. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    I gasped out loud when I saw the sword going through… well, I won’t spoil it! The Yorozuya have really got themselves in trouble again – can’t wait for next week!!

  3. Thanks for the hard work, as usual~ This week’s chapter was really funny and interesting.

    I’m a bit worried though. With Viz targetting Jump scanlations, I thought there’d be something like that here too. They’re really not doing themselves any favours by taking actions like these.

    On a side note, that fanart is very… shoujo. Heh.

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