11 thoughts on “Gintama 422

  1. Thanks for the chapter release!!!! Awesome and hilarious chapter as usual!!!! It was also really sweet ā¤ I love how Kagura has three dads now XD!!!! I love how badass everyone (Umibozu, Gintoki, Shinpachi and DEFINITELY Kagura) was in this chapter!! Wow they really showed those giants the power of familial love šŸ˜„ and Kagura especially showed Umibozu and Gintoki the importance of letting her sleep in XD. I'm glad Dai-chan is back to being Kagura's nice friend!! It's a really adorable chapter with an important message: Don't mess with Kagura's dads and more importantly NEVER mess with Kagura. Also I wonder if the Giant's race will be open to adoption because it looks like their heir won't be producing any natural heirs anytime soon XD. LOL wow Dai-chan, well I hope he's happy with the father XD!! I can't wait for the next chapter of Gintama!!!!!

  2. So you would like to go out with a Tiny China Girl who is your daughter and do something
    O.O You need help =^.^=

    I don’t read Gintama but a big fan of Toriko. So thanks for all the great work for read and unread Manga šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the chapter~!!

    Ahhh, I thought this was going to turn into another long serious arc for a bit there. That was a cute ending.

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