Toriko 251

The past slowly comes to light.
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I really love this flashback arc. It’s so great how they’re sort of revealing the past and drawing parallels to the present while at the same time, while the whole time we have this “Look how it ended up” scenario we’re aware of. I’ll be interested to see what Shimabukruo-sensei goes to next.

Toriko 250
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7 thoughts on “Toriko 251

  1. Thanks a bunch for the new chapter!!
    BTW you mistyped the chapter number (it should be 251, however the link is correct though).

  2. Well that solves the mystery of Frohze being a man or a woman. Now to wonder if Joa is a corrupted Frohze or if he is wearing her like a skin. Good chapter, can’t wait to see the next one.

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