Toriko 253 & Gintama 464

Don’t forget that long-gone golden age…
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Hi, ok. Here’s all this. We didn’t know that Jump was coming out early again this week so things have been really hectic. I’ve gotten about 15 combined hours of sleep this week due to working on this and other translation fansubby thingies. so far so I’m kinda gonna sleep now. Go read these chapters they’re both full of emotion. Tragedy and cruel irony and all that good stuff.

Edit: Gintama was missing a page. I dunno why, I guess it didn’t save for some reason. It’s fixed now and the links are updated.

Toriko 253
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)

Gintama 464
Direct Download
Online Reader (Batoto)

16 thoughts on “Toriko 253 & Gintama 464

  1. Thank you for the Gintama release!!! This arc is just getting more and more exciting!!! But the Gintama direct download seems to be missing page 14.

  2. Toriko was another great chapter. Read it 4 times now since last night. Looks like Midora might have created the Dark Chef Joa.

  3. Is Gintama vol.42 ever gonna be finished? I recall a comment back in March saying it was about half done, but… well, that was in March.

    • What I’m annoyed about is that mistakes such as missing pages always happen with Gintama but never with Toriko. It also seems that they’re stalling the release so that they could release both chapters. Let’s face it, Toriko is shit. It’s a One Piece clone (and One Piece is also shitty) where instead of ships you have cooking.

      Thanks for Gintama though and your hard work but please drop Toriko.

      • That’s a very rude comment. If you hate it then don’t read it. Please never say such things to someone else’s hard work, both the author and the scanlator team.

  4. What about Jojolion? Is it dropped? I’d love to read your scanlations. (It’s not like I am trying to be a bitch asking it to be done right now, I’m just asking if you plan on keeping the scanlating)

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