Toriko 262

Dinner time at the Bishokukai.
Hoshi Wo Sagashite
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Neat little chapter. Some more character development and some interesting direction. I didn’t expect them to head so much into what Komatsu and the Bishokukai are doing right away.
AAAND according to the next-chapter-message-thingie the next chapter is 25 pages long and the conclusion of the Human World Arc. Jump’s schedule gets weird around this year. So next chapter might be next week or it might be later depending on when we get the raws. At some point there’s going to be two weeks with no Jump, I think there’s one issue left though. So be aware. Also 25 pages might take longer to finish than normal. Plus we’d be getting the raws on like, Christmas I think if that’s the case. So it could take some time, but with Jump on a break we won’t be falling behind or anything. Enjoy this chapter though, everybodies.

Toriko 262
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14 thoughts on “Toriko 262

  1. This chapter could be a suggestion that Frozee died, had her soul splitted in some parts… one of them reincarnated as Komatsu… and what we saw early is her zombie reanimated with the part of her soul that contained her regrets of being unable to survive the proccess of cooking God?

    Sure, would be better if what Midora recognized just now was just a coincidence, or reminiscenses of what Frozee thought him, but it would justify something about Komatsu (I´m not sure if it would explain)…

    It´s just a Wild Massive Guess…

    Frozee pertences to a special race native of the Gourmet-kai similar to the Nitro’s, and has the heritage to cook GOD ingrained in her somehow…

    The special cooking method for GOD, between other things, requires that the cook, don´t have negativeness of any form… (like Emeraude-hime in Rayearth, people riding the Kintoun, or traditional japanese mikos in general)

    During the specific time, Frozee had just one regret… the well-being of Midora that stayed behind, according of what we saw in his flashback…

    the result was 99% perfect GOD… and her death…

    GOD is more like a immaterial ingredient and would require that Frozee leaves her body ir order to prepare it… her spirit sustained a great deal in the preparation process but she were able to deliver GOD to Acacia nonetheless… and Acacia stopped the war…

    Unable to return to her body her spirit was shattered and the remains reincarnated in some chefs and maybe a part stayed with Acacia, that vowed to bring her back somehow… Maybe he is in the Gourmet world doing that… I´m not sure if his death is conffirmed, and could be that it was forged for politic purposes…

    One of these parts is Komatsu, and that part represents most of her attitude towards food and people… mainly her talent as cook… justifying how Komatsu improves really quicklly when exposed to special ingredients… I could make this a point if Komatsu someday makes a mention of how familiar some ingredients that he never saw are familiar to him… just in case…

    Probably, the chances to cook a 100% perfect GOD and adjusting the recipe so, that would be possible to cook, anyway, anytime would be possible this time, cause Komatsu is a purified version of Frozee… what would be a great reference to Dragon Ball like when we had Kami-sama that could be God, expelled the evil in his heart, Piccolo Daimaou.

    This time the evil heart are the remnants of Frozee that would be her combat power…

    The kindness and feminility of her could be with Acacia that sealed it somewhere in the Gourmet-kai holding a message to these that are brave enough…

    TL;DWR? Thanks for the attention anyways…

    até mais ver

  2. There’s a small typo on pg 16, near the bottom right corner.

    Alfaro says “The corners of his mouth didn’t life a single millimeter…” when it should be “The corners of his mouth didn’t lift a single millimeter…”

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