21 thoughts on “Toriko 268

  1. holy macaroni, naruto isnt even up yet by the speed scan group and you got this quality work out xD i bet your cleaner must be really pissed at you know who haha

  2. at first, I was disappointed when the other group picked this up again. but I can now see it’s positive effect, you’re forced to do it earlier. 😛

    So thank you. 🙂

  3. He~… I ingredient that’s better the more you cheer it… well finally Toriko’s Full course is mentioned again… seems like pokémon…

    Well., I’m happy about being wrong and the other chiefs receiving limelight with the preparation of the bird…

    And Komatsu repaired in something interesting too… it wasn´t the flavor were bad, people just got tired of it… reminds you of the people, but in that case people got tired of thwe Manah (Sky Bread)… this and that bird has serious problems with high-esteem

    For a moment I thought the bird would evolve to some phoenix or rukh look alike…

    really interesting

    Até mais ver
    mr. Poneis

      • So do I.
        But I read what they said and it was kinda “good things take their time”.
        I aknowledge them for being good, but I still prefer Hiwa and I find their attitude very unrespectful.

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