10 thoughts on “Toriko 282

  1. Well the rest did good for Toriko it seems, The art for the horse´s king nest was particulary awesome…

    And in fact I’m really precipited with my judgement I was ready to call the process for acquiring God bullshit cause you need a right way for doing it, but Toriko synthetized it well… you need to be strong enough to face each of the itens acccordingly… But still seems like Mega Man going for the easiest to the hardiest…

    a – If it is a proper method… the first one sure would have to be de Hours D’euvre… but it was regard as a powerful macguffin so it´s possible that it would be a really incredible second only to GOD… Perhaps when the heroes get a need to be revived constantly…

    b – Well Joa very well, take on another route… I would like to think that she was doing it randomly like you would when facing the Grand Line, just cause its awesome, but since she make contact with some natives it´s a safer bet that she is cheating (probably has something like the Nitro’s have some debt with her cause of Frohze so they allowed her to take a shortcut)…

    Well, it seems that I will have to give up… the 8 civilizations that flourished in the Gourmet World, none of them presented a hint of being a bit human! I’m aware that pretty girls aren´t Shimabukuro-sensei strong point (like in 20 chapters Rin appeared once and it costed him 4 weeks). But everyone here is witness that it was a good work nonetheless…

    The sting, is this thing about Mappy sacrifice, I’m pro Toriko putting his almighty to good use instead of letting the funny guy dying and sobrepent forever about it… But since Mappy was one of the 3 great warriors, a shoutout to Battle Toads seems outstanding must do!

    Até mais ver
    mr. Poneis

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