14 thoughts on “Toriko 283

  1. Just a heads up, the group name for this release is spelled wrong in Mangaupdates (Hi wa Matta Noboru). I don’t think the release appears in the group.
    Otherwise, thanks again for the chapter!

  2. And with this development, now the Nitro are some damnation to the planet… they somehow came with that gourmet meteor that changed the world lots of chapters earlier and forced the world to evolve, so they could consume everything that was good enough, and leave a ruined planet…

    The eight kings, the eight civilizations and the eight Food kings (actually the Acacia Full Course) are all complexely interwined, but this was already pretty obvious… solving the Full Course is like solving some wolrd puzzle by now…

    To prevent Mappy’s sacrifice… Komatsu will have to double as a Saiseiya cause Toriko´s group didn´t have one… and discover a way to turn the Air Trees into some salvation tool instead…

    Resuming this… Komatsu is really an oddity… by being a simple cook and with the ability to unsdestand the will of the ingredients he have the means to prevail where everyone tried to use things like, brute force and senseless deaths…

    Could you give your thoughts about it, that by now he seems like a Messiah to the Gourmet world raised in an foreign land (the Human world), I don´t want to admit it though, cause I don´t really stand Komatsu guts, it´s hard to admit but Shimabukuro-sensei really give a lot of thought to hischaracter.

    By now Joa have gathered all the pieces that Acacia already had… so her way to GOD is pretty much pavemented… except that it will result in an incomplete GOD, one that requires sacrifice (what I think was her mother cause of death), like that differences between a God of Death and an One True GOD like the old testament used to have…

    I’m expecting even that Acacia spirit will have an apparition (pretty much like Hagoromo in Naruto) just to explain something similar along the way…

    Até mais ver
    mr. Poneis

    • On yeah… before I forget thanks for your efforts! It was a slow chapter with all that things that the Horse king represents and can do, but explained a lot, your hard work is outstanding!

      Até mais ver
      mr. Poneis

  3. Thank you for the chapter. I’m not sure about others, but I’m getting a 404 error on the direct download

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