15 thoughts on “Gintama 507

  1. Прошедшая недяля была тяжелой, спасибо за работу.
    Да… Такого я не ожидал, а мои догадки оказались провальными)

  2. Thank you very much for chapter.

    Мишо што си се упишао. Надам се да разумеш ово што ти кажем.

  3. Thanks a lot, you guys!
    Dun dun duuun, Takasugi enters the battlefield! Or is it Takechi “Hentai”, simply trying to gather a lot of signatures? Come and see next week!

  4. Hell yeah! It’s Takasugi time guys, time for some pandemonium! xD Can’t wait for it! I hope there will be a TakaVSGin scene… not necessarily a fight (though honestly that’s what I’ve been waiting for since, like, forever ^^”)

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