10 thoughts on “JoJolion 55 (Version 2) and JoJolion 56

  1. Thanks for the chapter !

    Also is it just me or have I seen this kind of situation before in sbr ? Something about a magic tree with stand that keep giving you more and more things ?

  2. Great chapter! Pretty different to what we’ve had lately, and that’s nice. Great work as usual, thanks for being quick and high-quality!

  3. ZIPPY for 56 says JoJolion_055_[HWMN].zip but the file size is different than zippy link to 55v2. so im wondering if 56 is just mislabeled or is it the wrong chapter?

  4. Thanks so much! FYI, there is a small typo on page 16 of chapter 56. In the sixth panel (bottom left-hand) the shopkeeper says ‘scarched’ instead of ‘scratched’.

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