5 thoughts on “81diver Volume 7

  1. Thanks for the volume, high8sky! I did think that 1 volume/week might be a a bit of a crazy pace. Make sure to take it easy and not burn yourself out.

    Pretty curious how the protagonist will turn out from here. Losing a finger would suck shit, but the alternative is pretty heavy…

  2. I read it on bato.to and thought of passing by and thanking you, so thank you very much for your hard work 😀
    I really appreciate this series so far and look forward for what will happen in the futur of this amazing story 🙂 !
    With all my sympathy


  3. thx for the release. always a big fan of this site. Toriko, and now 3-gatsu and 81diver. will be waiting for future release. THX again

  4. Thanks for the release! It’s surprising that a series that started off so completely silly has taken such a serious turn.

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