Gintama 669

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Ok so this chapter isn’t the last one.
I still have no idea when it’s gonna end. This gorilla isn’t going to make anything obvious.

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9 thoughts on “Gintama 669

  1. Thanks for the chapter! From what I’ve heard, isn’t next week the last chapter? Anyway, I’m really puzzled by how things went here!

    • It was a mistranslation. There’s no word when it’s gonna end. According to the leak, THIS was supossed to be the last chapter. It wasn’t official.

  2. Thank you for the chapter!I’m confused by all the plotholes,but I hope they’ll be filled soon.Also that gorilla better not do some wicked twist and kill Gintoki,or anyone else he hasn’t already,or I’m bombing him! xD [but,seriously,I’m really hoping they all stay alive-it’s Gintama after all,it deserves a funny ending]

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