Toriko 319

In Toriko tradition, let’s go have a big party and eat something really weird.
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Tons and tons of problems with the release today. I’m really exhausted from all the stress and extra work now. That took about 6 and a half more hours than it should have because one person’s internet wasn’t working. We had to get 4 different people to fill in to clean and they kept leaving and not communicating as I tried to coordinate everything for about 10 straight hours. That’s on top of my regular duties of translting, helping to typeset, and checking and releasing everything. Also I had to finish it at work during my lunch break. I honestly appreciate all their help but it’s days like today that make me think I should be spending my time doing other things.

Also there’s no Toriko in Shounen Jump next week. So the next chapter will come out around the 16th.

Make sure you check out Ring, guys. We finished the whole series and it’s by the author of Toriko. Download the whole thing here.

Edit: One of the pages was out of order somehow. I dunno how that happened on top of all the other problems today. It’s fixed now. I’m exhausted and I’m gonna try to get my mind off this morning now.

Toriko 319
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