Toriko 119 Release

A mine filled with monsters, demons and serpents…


We’ve gotten a few people trying out for helping with Gintama. Thanks. No one’s actually worked out to the point of cleaning chapters yet though.
Uh, well, here’s this. We’re hoping we’ll be able to get an earlier raw provider, it’s still up in the air as to whether that will come through or not. Some people can’t communicate too well.

Toriko 119:
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Toriko 118 Release

Sharp eyes, sharper touch.

Melk Eye

All right, here’s this.
Like the last few weeks it took a while to do the scanlation because we didn’t get a raw until the middle of the week because of Vicissitude’s policy of not putting up raws until his team finishes their scanlation in order to forcibly get more cleaners.
So yeah, we might’ve found another raw provider but we’re still not sure about it, I’ll tell you how that turns out.

I’m gonna be working on Gintama as much as I can this weekend. So far we haven’t gotten anybody who has actually kept trying to the point of actually cleaning a chapter in terms of the people who applied. So if anyone actually wants to DO the job, please apply. It’s just got to be the same standard of cleaning as the other releases we’ve done, which for the most part you can learn with just reading a good tutorial, and there are a lot out there made by lots of groups.

Oh yeah, also there’s a spinoff of Toriko in Saikyou Jump, the monthly kodomo magazine starting in the December, that I couldn’t care less about.

Toriko 118:
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Toriko 117 Release

Woo, explanations!

Not Melk

Ok, so see the previous post regarding why this was delayed. And as I also mentioned there was no Toriko last week, so 118 should probably be done in a few days, once we get the raw of it. Idol’s computer I think is pretty much back to normal now, too.

Also there’s something I wanted to explain about this chapter. We don’t really know the gender of Melk, the real one or the one we’ve been introduced to, here. For now I’m using “he” for both, but there’s no gender specific word used by anyone besides Toriko and Komatsu whom are speculating.

Oh, also I’m trying to vary up the pictures for the logo on the credits page. I think they look pretty sharp.

Toriko 117:
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Quick Update

Just so you know, chapter 117 got delayed a little. One, because the raw didn’t come out till the following Wednesday, and two because Idol’s having problems with his computer. So sit tight a bit.
Toriko is on hiatus for the next issue of Jump, so we’re not behind otherwise. The next chapter (118)’s raw should show up around this weekend, the 12th-14th.

Also, with Gintama we’re gonna scanlate using the tankoubon, volume raw of V36. So it should make it a little easier to get things cleaned (since it’s higher quality and therefore needs less work on it) despite not having enough staff to get it done regularly at this point. At least until we finish all the chapters in the volume.