Toriko 116 Release

Knives made of metal and knives made of… a hand.


Raw came out on Sunday, so it took till now to finish.
I’ll definitely tell you if we ever get some other source…

I’m really gonna try to get the work done to get Gintama chapters coming out at a decent rate soon. It’s just difficult because we only have one cleaner who’s busy with his own group, and can’t really work week-to-week on it. That, and it takes a long time to translate and then check everything. We could use more help on that from anyone who has experience.

Toriko 116:
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Toriko 115 Release

Stardust crusaders!

Toriko Movie

It should be obvious, but just in case, the second to last page, page 18, has the “Gourmet 115 / End” thing and preview of the next chapter on it. There’s still one more page after that.
As mentioned before, the last raw was late and we were busy, which caused this to be a couple days later than it could’ve been. But whatever. If ever we can get our own raw provider, that’d be nice but like I said it’s not something easy to get, since most places in Japan start selling Jump on Mondays.

And now I’m really gonna try to get back into doing Gintama again. We still haven’t gotten any more cleaners, but we’ll make dew with me and the one person who doesn’t have a lot of time for working on it.

Toriko 115:
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Toriko 114 Release

Strawberrice, there’s a strawberry in every bite!


This is pretty late. It’s because of a few things. First and foremost we didn’t get a raw until Wednesday, after that I had mid-terms and Idol was busy on Thursday.
Now that that’s done I’m gonna try to take some time and catch up with Gintama a bit. But we still really need help to get active cleaners/editors/whatever you wanna call it. We have one person but he’s fairly busy.
And just so you know, I AM trying to get Toriko scanlated using the HQ volume scans which I’m doing with my other group Anime-Destiny, but so far I’ve got no one cleaning that either. So that won’t be done until either I have enough free time to do it or someone who has the skill and time to do it volunteers.

Anyhow, enjoy this.

Toriko 114:
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