Toriko 396 (Volume Version with Extras)

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Hey everybody. So we thought for fun we would do this as an extra thing. We originally released this chapter a couple months ago when it came out in the Jump magazine, and final volume of Toriko, Volume 43, came out right on New Years. So we took the extra pages between chapters and redid the last chapter using the digital volume version. This includes the color pages from the magazine plus the bits of extra stuff and touch-ups Shimabukuro-sensei added to the last chapter along with his final farewell to the series. Plus the quality is better because it’s a better raw source. I hope you all enjoy.

Apparently there are are a few more pages added elsewhere in the middle of the volume, too.

There’s not that much there in terms of story. Basically just some added action, Aimaru’s body reacting to Center, and Pair saying that Neo had devoured the entire Blue Space and could devour all of Red Space, where our story takes place, if he wasn’t sealed. It adds a bit more to their character development. Right now I’m not planning to try to do anything else on this series, but if you guys REALLY WANT US TO, we can try to do the whole V43 in high quality using scanned raws rather than digital ones to get everything as good as possible. Just keep in mind that would take a while and it would take time away from other projects, so let me know what you guys want, I’m not sure either way. Let me know, and I hope you all enjoy this.

Edit: I had too many zeroes in a couple spots in the stats page, this is fixed and reuploaded.

If you just wanna know what’s written on the pages with Pair talking to Acaia, I put them at the bottom here:

Toriko 396 v2
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