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Ok, so quick update on stuff.

I finished translating The Book, finally, after 5 and a half years. And now it’s in the editing process, which is the last step before releasing it. I’m having a couple people read over it and help me edit it and improve some of the earlier parts which I did back in late 2011 early 2012 so the phrasing and such isn’t as good as my current level. Speaking of which, anyone with novel editing experience who wants to volunteer to help with that, let me know. My email’s

Since I finished that I’m gonna try to get back to doing Takeshi chapters on a regular basis. Sorry it’s been so slow going, I’d really like to get them done regularly, but I haven’t really had the time between The Book, Jojolion, 81diver stuff, Innocent stuff, and Gintama every week.

I also wanna get that other Shimabukuro one-shot out soon that came out a few months ago in Saikyo Jump.

Also, the next 81diver volume should be out pretty soon. I’ve translated up to V23, so now that I’m finishing up The Book I’m hoping to get back to translating that series soon, as I’ve still got 12 volumes left.

Also, I did an interview with Kotaku about scanlating. If you’re interested in reading that sort of thing, it’s here.

Though they interviewed a bunch of people besides me, and most of the answers I gave weren’t used. Also I don’t think the title is very good, I don’t think most people they interviewed were “having trouble going legit”. That’s just NJT, the founder of Mangahelpers who has been trying to do that.
If you’re interested in the full response I gave to Kotaku’s questions, I made a pastebin for it here.

Gintama 641
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