JoJolion Volume 17 (Ch67-70)

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Check out The Book! It’s a really great novel we released recently that’s a sequel to Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

So, in case anyone forgot, there’s no new JoJolion chapter this month (January 2018). Next chapter will be next month around the same time as usual. But in the meantime we managed to get volume 17 all done, and now we’re caught up with the latest volumes again! Yay! This one contains pretty much the whole Urban Guerrilla arc.

The next volume is set to come out in Summer 2018, so we’ve got a while. We’re planning on working on volume 14 next, and working backwards until the next new volume comes out.
Okay, enjoy!

JoJolion Volume 17 (Ch67-70)
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