JoJolion 73

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Check out The Book! It’s a really great novel we released recently that’s a sequel to Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

And we’re back. After a month hiatus. It seems like what Araki was doing on that month hiatus was drawing another Kishibe Rohan one-shot, as that’s running in Shounen Jump next week.

Anyhow this chapter’s pretty good. This arc seems to be a bit different than most, as it focuses heavily on Joubin. I’m pretty interested to see where this goes.

JoJolion 73
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  1. Omg… I really read all of Jojo really recently but Jojolion much like DIU has got me enraptured with the intrigue and I truly love it! Thank your for translating, you’re doing great work!

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